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Nothing happens until a sale is made!

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Professional Sales and Sales Training... (...and a little Marketing too!)

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I have a business coach friend that has coined the phrase “Sales-a-phobia,” the fear of being sold. Why do so many people have this fear? It’s simple; most do not know how to spot a true sales professional. Sometimes, you’ll say, "what a help that guy was." Or maybe, "she was so nice, I really like that company." You very well may have encountered a true sales professional.

Can your business benefit from professional sales? Answer these 7-question areas and if you feel there is a need, let’s spend one-hour together to find out if I can help you.

1. Does your company have a documented sales process for each product and service you provided?
2. Is your sales and marketing department “systematized” for success? Are you reaching your objectives? What are your milestones? When do you celebrate success?
3. Does your sales team operate on a “No Price Competition” strategy for winning and retaining clients?
4. Does your sales department have clear and specific goals; meaning who does what by when? Are your sales people measured regularly on key performance indicators? Is your current method for measuring accountability working?
5. Do you feel you spend too little time cultivating your “A & B” clients and wasting too much time on “C & D” customers? Are you attracting the right kind of customers? On budget?
6. Do you currently have a continuous training program that keeps your customer-facing staff fresh?
7. How would your company benefit from a hiring system that attracts a large pool of professional salespeople that are judged on heart, spirit, passion and integrity?

I have the answers and the solutions to these questions and they are just a few reasons why we need to meet. There are plenty more ideas that we can discuss during our one-hour together. Over the past few years I have spent my time helping all types of businesses reach the right customers and sell their products and services more profitably and effectively. You see the difference in having a good company and great company is leaning how to sell and market correctly. You may very well be the expert in your field, see what a difference it can make when the staff becomes experts in sales.

If this sounds good to you, all you have to lose is just one-hour of your time. I have helped many other companies achieve their sales goals over the last three and a half years and I have over 20-years of sales experience and 5-years of practical marketing experience. If you are serious about growing revenue then we need to meet. Please call me today to schedule an appointment time.

Take care and God Bless,

I Sell!

John Null
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